Me?! Coding??.. Yes!


Last Saturday I went to a workshop at General Assembly called “Tumblr, WeWork + GA Present: Summer Blog Party”. In fact, I was interested in a blogging workshop, and recently my job search mentor Michelle told me about General Assembly. I was excited about what this education startup does and decided to check it out when I have a chance. General Assembly is an education company that specializes in online and offline classes focused on teaching practical skills in digital industries, such as digital marketing, business, growth hacking, design and coding. I have been interested in digital marketing lately and at this time I am studying for a final exam for a Coursera class called “Introduction to marketing” (which is awesome, by the way!)

So, I told Michelle I was looking for a writing or blogging class, and she sent me a link to the Tumblr workshop at GA, which was teaching first steps in creating a theme for Tumblr. I thought: “Well, that’s also great!” Everyone who works in the digital media these days should at least have some elementary understanding of how to create websites. And I like trying out new things and learning new skills. So I decided to learn something new and give it a try. The fact that the class was free added to my interest 😉

When I showed up last Saturday morning at the WeWork co-working space in the heart of San Francisco Financial District, I was greeted with bagels (my recent morning addiction), coffee and friendly smiles. I sat at one of long wide tables with about a dozen of other people. It was very relaxed and cozy and just perfect for a sleepy lazy Saturday morning. Being productive inspires!




We then were told to log in to the General Assembly’s “Dash” platform and started an online class about the basics of HTML and CSS. Actually “Dash” is a free online platform by means of which anyone can learn basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript from whenever you are. And it is very well made, it is fun and feels almost like you play an online game! While we were playing with the code GA instructors were walking around the room ready to answer any questions. The workshop lasted until 4 pm and we were ever offered free barbecue in the middle of the day! Oh, this magic word “Free Food!” It always works!  ;P

I think General Assembly utilized a very successful sales strategy: once you offer potential students such a pleasant free experience, they are likely to convert into real paying customers. Well, GA classes are not that cheap, actually. However, I will definitely become their advocate and will tell my friends about their classes!


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