About opportunities

I recently had a very interesting conversation with my husband. I asked him, if he ever wished he’d had someone smart and experienced to talk to about certain life choices he was about to make in the past.

He said yes but not quite talk about life choices. Rather, – he said, – I wish I had someone who would ask me the right questions. For example, “do you know you have an opportunity that can potentially change your life? Why don’t you take it?” He said that looking back at his life he now sees great opportunities he didn’t use, because he simply didn’t see them back then. For example, while working at his first job as a QA at Netscape, he could have tried to switch to a developer role and learn from the best of the best people in the industry who were all working at Netscape at the time.

So, the question my husband brought up is why we don’t see opportunities that are available to us? Why we often see these opportunities years later and think: “Why on earth didn’t I do this and that?.. This was such an obvious thing to do…”

Here’s what I think. Sometimes we aren’t thinking about looking for these opportunities. We are comfortable with what we have and are therefore not looking into changing anything. We might just not want to step out of our comfort zone. Or we might just not being visionary enough regarding our future. Or simply lazy… J

Second, sometimes we see too many opportunities or paths and cannot choose the right one and go for it. And this “blocks’ our vision and ability to act.

Third, sometimes we don’t take opportunities seriously or don’t believe they are worth extra effort. This happens because we don’t believe in ourselves. “Why-bother-if-I-am-not-good-at-it” sort of thing.

In any ways, this discussion made me think differently about my life. I definitely have great opportunities right now! And you do, too! We just need to look for them, make choices and act. Which is also not so easy, I agree 😉