Starting out

Isn’t a possible solution to procrastination problem just starting doing what you’ve planned for a long time? Just sit and start doing!.. Without painful preparation and this I-need-to-do-one-more-thing-before-I-start-oh-and-this-too… And while you start being upset about yourself because you can’t keep your commitments to yourself all good intention is finally and officially over, you shut your textbook with relief and disgracefully sink into Facebook…
So here’s the strategy I’m willing to try: no matter whether you are unprepared and have many unfinished tasks – don’t think too much! In fact don’t think at all, but just start with a tiny step. You can fix typos later, erase dumb thoughts (which you will later find interesting by the way), revise and rewrite. But start no matter what!
I read somewhere that procrastination happens to perfectionists. Here’s the proof that being perfectionist is counter-productive. If you want your final result to be beyond ideal, you delay work out of fear that you won’t perform well enough and this fear only does harm you! Here’s another interesting conclusion: don’t be perfectionist! If you don’t want your plans to stay only plans forever, get rid of perfectionism, pretend you don’t care about the final result and just want to play and see what happens later. Pretend you are a bit irresponsible and careless! I will try to follow this and see what will it bring me to!…
What do you think about these strategies?

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