Questions about PR. Or about any other career?

One idea struck me today and I decided to let it see the light and stay  there for me to look back later and smile with indulgence 🙂 The more I work in PR, the more questions I have about this profession.

I read all the time that if you want to be the best in your profession, you have to be inherently curious, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, and dare to approach gurus and learn from them. So here’s my question: Is it always the case? I would say that you need to do your homework and try to figure everything out by yourself before approaching anyone. Chances are you find the answers. But there are more chances that you find more questions 🙂 Or if you wait until you read enough to find answers, you are already lagging behind and lost excitement about seeking for the answer. So here is the question: If I am asking a question in a professional community, does it mean that I didn’t do my homework? Doesn’t it sound unprofessional? Or it depends on the question (and who you are asking)? Professional nuts and bolts change, right? Especially in the fields like public relations. For example, what is a press-release and how does it work? Many argue it’s dead.

Here is what I would ask the professional community:

  • What are your best ways to learn new things in PR?
  • What are the best online groups/communities for PR people?
  •  What are the best meetups?
  • I feels to me that in PR there are no rules, you are never certain about what will eventually work , because every situation is so unique. Will the media pick up the news? Of course you learn from your experience, but there is always a degree of uncertainty. What had worked previously might not work this time.
  • How to get to work with clients whose mission you really care for?
  • How to grow your portfolio?
  • How to build PR strategy when you don’t know what will work and nobody can tell you for sure?
  • How to find a mentor in the profession?
  • How to find a professional who can consult you with your projects?
  • How to grow your media connections?
  • And the most provocative question, in my opinion: Do media connections really matter? Indeed, the fact that you met a journalist at an event doesn’t make it easy for you to sell her another “Uber for Uber”… but it might make it easier 😉
  • Does a startup even need a PR person if journalists prefer emails from founders VS Pr people? – khm-m-m…

Ok, I laid out some questions, now it’s time to do the homework 🙂

Update: As I reed this post over, I realize I know the answers. But I  will let it stay as it is. Just because I think these questions are interesting 🙂