My first PDP

I have been contemplating long enough about starting writing on a regular basis and it never happened. I was really impressed by the Personal Development Project that Kristina Miller did more than a year ago which involved writing one post every day for 30 days. I wanted to complete this project myself, but I always found thousand excuses why every day was the wrong time, so I never did. And I know the reasons. One is perfectionism, or exactly what Kristina is referring to in her blog when she brings in the concept of being precious described so well by Scott Berkun.

Here is why I want to challenge myself with this PDP:

  1. To commit to something to get me more disciplined. If I always fail at having stuff done, I need to put special measures in place.
  2. To get rid of perfectionism (at least to a certain extent).
  3. To prove to myself that I can do it.
  4. I think it’s fun. Many times I started writing something but then I decided it’s not good/interesting/new enough and gave up. Then years later I found drafts, they turned out great and I blamed myself for not finishing them! This is exactly what being precious means. I was initially imagining how picky audience reads my blog, judges it and laughs at me. And I escaped stepping out of comfort zone, because this is what expressing personal ideas in writing is.
  5. To practice writing in English.
  6. To get into the habit of regular writing.
  7. To gain self-confidence.
  8. To keep record of my ideas (I do have ideas sometimes that I consider worth keeping for future 😉
  9. To see whether this project will make any changes in me. This sounds especially exciting!

Ok, so here are the rules: I will make a post every day to this blog. It can be about anything I consider interesting and worth sharing – personal, professional, whatever.

Let’s see where this brings me!


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