Adaptability is cure

Yesterday I was at a meeting in the very center of financial district of San Francisco. I moved from SF to South Bay only a year ago and still consider myself a city girl, who doesn’t mind being around people. But now, especially after having a baby, I was rather surprised to see a playground in Portsmouth Square, like a sanctuary of innocence in the very epicenter of busy, dirty and bustling street.


I tried to imagine, what I would feel like if I would find myself living with my child in this neighborhood?.. I like drawing these kinds of hypothetical situations, because I believe that it’s not the place that makes the person. Yes, it would be uncomfortable and probably even dangerous. But this wouldn’t make me dream less and wouldn’t make me a worse person, as well as my child. Life gives us challenges and we get stronger and wiser while we go through them. One idea crossed my mind today and I liked it: “Bad experience is good experience”. We can share our knowledge with others. It’s no coincidence that people are more interested to read about sinister and dramatic experiences of others. The more dramatic the experience is, more chances are the story becomes a hit.

People adapt to different situations. When we just had a baby and we were living in the very hearth of San Francisco with its narrow and steep streets, some weird people in the surrounding neighborhoods (I later learned where they hang out and tried to avoid those places) and lack of green trees that I love so much, I was scared in the beginning. But then over time I found my favorite playgrounds and cozy shady corners, friends with whom I could share my precious first baby moments and life came back to comfort and happiness. During every twist of our life we experience a short earthquake, when we leave our comfort zone, but then the soil under our feet becomes stable again. And after life changes again, we experience loss of what we’ve built, we miss our little cozy world that we created in the cold place previously alien, but later part of our life.


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