People that know me can acknowledge that I love questions. Have you ever had questions about something that at first seemed very logic and unveiling some kind of ugly truth about life, but then after discussing them with your close friends they don’t seem so black and white any more? Right? 🙂

Happens to me all the time!

Here are some of my recent questions:

  • Where do people in today’s world obsessed with productivity, self-awareness and personal growth find time for television series? All my friends are watching them!
  • Am I right that people who work in social entrepreneurship, nonprofits and other companies with inspirational social missions are more enthusiastic and open about their work on social media and in general share much more about their love for what they do at work than people who work for “regular” businesses?
  • Why there is no news-focused radio stations in the US that would broadcast the most important national and international news all the time? NPR is not the one – they only have news shows at certain time. And the rest of the time is taken by talk shows with authors of books about anything you could imagine from different species of bees to rare cases of health problems of minorities, but not the most important news. Is it because it’s not profitable? Or Americans don’t care what’s going on in their country and in the world?

When I think more about each of them, I seem to understand why. But I still like that exciting “wait, but why?” feeling of discovering something astonishing   😉


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