Irony rules the world, or ugly is the new beautiful

I noticed a trend in the US media and among young representatives of  “creative class” that people brag about having some sort of imperfections or weird hobbies. Irony is nowadays ruling the world. People got tired of being (read: “trying to look”) perfect. On the corporate websites employees write in the “about me” section that they love bad movies, fast food and sleeping. The imperfections are rather minor, they add some personality and show that the person has sense of humor and is not afraid to be in the spotlight. Or are they trying to be honest and true?

This conversation about irony makes me recall that story on Vice in which a girl mocked the absurdity of today’s fashion world. She proved that anyone can get featured by top street fashion bloggers with only $20 in their pocket and enough audacity to show up at London Fashion Week with their head held high wearing dumbest outfits from thrift store. Laugh at yourself and the world will surrender smiling back.

Even more than ironic, being ugly became cool. For example, can someone tell me, what the heck is this “ugly sweater” party tradition? Is ugly is the new beautiful?

OMG! Have you heard of ugly vegetables subscription service called Imperfect Produce? This company sells”ugly” fruits and vegetables that usually go to waste on farms. It’s a great idea and it’s so cute! 🙂

Actually, the “imperfection” trend is one of the trends I like. Relax and don’t care!


Screenshot (20)



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