Double standards

Today’s life is filled with double standards. Sometimes we don’t notice them in everyday life. It’s when people complain about Facebook on Facebook. Sounds familiar? 😉

Or when they announce on Facebook that they are starting a Facebook-detox and then share another post after it’s over how awesome it was 🙂

It’s when people get irritated by babies crying on the plane and then later, when they have their own kids, get irritated that other people are pissed off when their offspring is freaking out during take off.

It’s when people don’t want to follow the rules, while they want others to follow them.

Or when people in Russia complain about corruption and at the same time are trying to find easier, shorter and faster ways to get things done when dealing with public services, public records, healthcare or education institutions. Or course, it’s not double standards, it’s life, political reality of a state where corruption mechanisms are so deeply tied with law enforcement and nobody can really make head or tail of anything and public services aren’t provided by the state the way the law describes it. Often the wording of the law itself is allows multiple takes, which creates additional problems when it comes to its execution.

Are double standards engrained in human nature like instincts of self protection and reproduction? 🙂


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