Staying in place or moving on?

In my life I was happy to meet very charismatic people that were truly devoted to their jobs, they stayed at the same company for years, putting all their heart and creativity into their work trying to make a difference. Career-oriented Western world taught us that it’s normal when people don’t stay at the same company for too long, rather they change jobs when feel stagnation and the flow of “fresh blood” often boost projects to the next level. And I admire the commitment of these people to improve their work environment, bring in new ideas and innovation into every project that are doing.

I also met very interesting people who changed jobs and projects every 2 or 3 years, who are very professional and successful. And every time their next assignment would challenge them to grow and build their strength, as any new job does.

Whenever I moved on with my my career and switched jobs, there were always people who stayed. Often years later these people got promoted, became heads of departments and brought positive change to the company. And even when from outside it looked like they are staying “on the same place”, in reality they weren’t, in most cases their commitment was rewarded.

Sometimes I ask myself: what is better: challenge yourself with new unknown projects or work hard to become the best expert in your assigned field?


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