My startup ideas. ReLife – new life of old goods

I have some business ideas, that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’d like to share them with you. This post will be about a sustainable project that promotes reusing goods instead of buying new ones, it has a working name “ReLife”.

ReLife is a service for selling and buying brand-name used goods. These goods come from big global retailers like IKEA, Target, Walmart and others that carry well-known brands of products which can be used and reused for years. I noticed that whenever I am looking for things on Craigslist, I’m often searching for specific brands and models that I already know, have used before and read reviews on Amazon. When I moved from Russia to the US, I obviously needed to buy a lot of household items and furniture. While shopping for them, I sometimes bought exactly the same goods from IKEA that I used to have back in Russia and would continue using, if only I could bring them with me on the plane. I couldn’t do so, so I bought them – sometimes new, sometimes used, if there was this option.

Interestingly, when I’m looking into buying something (for example, a scooter for my 2-year old daughter Alenka) and see some options available, the first thing I do is reading reviews. (By the way, there should be a special word for searching for reviews online, haha 😉 Like yelping for businesses and services and amazoning for products 😉 )

ReLife enables you search for a brand and specific model and then find same used products that people sell in your neighborhood. Data can be sourced from Craigslist, NextDoor and Facebook (buy and sell groups), as well as from offline thrift stores – in addition to user-generated content added by users seeking to sell things they don’t need any more. This will happen later, when the brand is big enough and well known. Potentially next to each item posted on big retailers’ online marketplaces, they could include a link to ReLife-power “used” version of the exact same product.

The main idea is to post products from specific products and specific brands, no no-name products will be allowed. The social mission of the project is huge: reusing things instead of buying new ones becomes a popular trend among millenials.


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