About surpises… and what happens next

Today’s post was supposed to be about inspiration, but one small but unpleasant episode almost ruined my positive attitude. I was running errands and when I was coming back from the library where I was working, I noticed a long deep scratch and dent on a side of my car that extended almost from the front wheel and reached the trunk.

“No way I could do it myself!! – I thought, – At least I would hear some creepy scrape when trying to squeeze into some narrow spot!”

Ok, whoever that was, this person left. This is how it usually is: you live your life, and then – click – all of a sudden something happens and you see few hundred dollars flying away in front of your nose. I won’t post the picture of the scratch – I don’t want to be pissed off again the next time I open this blog ))

I drove Alenka home from preschool and when I was getting our of the car, I felt so miserable that I completely forgot that my eyeglasses were on my lap. They fell down onto the concrete bouncing like a plastic toy. I almost saw another few hundred bucks flying away. But yay! They didn’t break!! Thank you!

I noticed that this is not the first time when after one bad luck I tend to almost intentionally put myself in another bad luck situation right away. This is a wrong thing to do! I remember one interesting story. Two years ago right before Christmas I was working on my laptop and drinking tea (as I always do). One awkward move – and half of my enormous cup of tea spilled on the keyboard, warm tea in a slow motion gurgled and dissapeared between keys. Few hundred dollars, as usually, slowly took off in front of my eyes and started their farewell dance in the air. Suddenly Vova interrupted the performance by shouting: “Turn it off and don’t close the lid! Let it dry and then try to turn it on!”

The laptop survived!!!! Not only it survived, but it is still working just fine (except touchpad, huh)! This was truly my best Christmas present ever!

So… the lesson here is: Don’t get desperately upset right away after something happens! Take a deep breath… another one… one more… Chances are it’s not that bad after all… 😉 Or… it could be worse!