About keeping in touch

Social media do strange things to us. Sometimes the fact that you see someone’s news in your feed makes you feel that you are communicating with the person. Really, you see what they are up to and you hit the “like” button, or event post a comment. You give them feedback. And later you meet this person or talk on the phone, and say: “How was this or that? I saw pictures on Facebook.” Nowadays keeping in touch with someone doesn’t really require any efforts at all. You just open Facebook and here we go! Everything is there. Furthermore, you are “keeping in touch” even with those with whom you really didn’t have much in common.

I still can’t figure out if I like it or not. It definitely makes life easier, so why should it necessarily be bad? As usual: it’s not bad, and neither it’s great. It’s just how it is.

Social media open up a whole new level of interpersonal communication that never existed before. Like, for example, why do people post birthday wishes publicly, but not privately? Probably because they want to show off that they are close enough with someone who is influential? There is a whole new layer in all this – professional. People from your social circle can obviously become your clients or bring new clients. And the circle of your friends and friends of friends is actually the first place where you want to start searching for clients. In Russia, unlike in the US, Facebook became a totally legitimate professional tool.

I can admit: I am bad at keeping in touch. Sometimes I feel awkward to keep in touch with former colleagues even though I often want to. I admire people who manage to stay in close connection with others even years after the projects on which there were working together are over.

I recently heard the expression “coming out of someone’s shell”, and I think this is what happens when I’m trying to rebuild connection with someone I didn’t talk to for a long time. But I keep finding again and again that whenever I came out of my comfort zone, it never brought me nothing but only good  🙂