Can we stop buying trash?

Every time over the last few years, since I moved to the US, I go shopping, especially for groceries, household cleaning supplies or beauty products I feel that I buy trash. Another plastic bottle of dish soap or shampoo, another pack of batteries for my daughter’s toys, dozens of packs of paper towels… and all of this pretty soon completes its life cycle and finds itself in the trash bucket. For our selfish (and yes! so comfortable and so needed in our busy lives) convenience modern industry offers disposable things for each our smallest move. Just think of a very existence of a disposable floss pick! Isn’t it crazy?

Every time I hear the word “disposable” in an ad of a product that is supposed to make my life better, I feel almost physical discomfort. Yes, we can’t really stop using diapers and feminine pads. Our parents at our age would be so jealous for us having these advances of civilization so easily accessible. But the industry of household products is making the most out of the disposable trend squeezing in disposable elements everywhere you could imagine. Swiffer keeps our houses clean, but what it does to our bigger universal house with its disposable mopping refills! This is the craziest irony I can think of in this regard.

San Francisco is doing a really good job giving us an opportunity to recycle a lot of things that could elsewhere find themselves in the landfill. I wish Moscow would give its residents the same freedom to add another reason to be proud of our beautiful city.

There are companies that inspire me with their mission to disrupt the harmful disposable trend, like Thinx or Zero Market. I would like these eco-friendly alternatives to become real and mainstream for mass audience, but not only for socially consious creative class!